The garden and outdoor facilities

The property sits on 10 acres, with 3 acres of manicured and landscaped garden. Many of the trees are on a heritage register and pre-date the courthouse itself. Birdlife is often prolific because the garden has a very seasonal nature. Many birds make nests very close to the house and are very passive because they have become accustomed to human activity (magpies, bowers, wily-wagtails, parrots).

The guest rooms all face east and open up to the garden. The view of the Monga National Park Mountains is spectacular. The pool, spa and tennis court are on the fringe of the garden. There is nothing man-made between you and the mountains from there. You could be the only person on earth.

There is a small charge to heat up the spa to cover the cost of electricity. It varies according to the season and outside temperature.